Friday, June 15, 2018

Renewal, Rebirth, Reflection and other words that start with Re-

I just signed into Blogger for the first time in a hell of a long time. I see in my published posts list that my ultra-cynical assessment of the CCIE V5 update was posted in 2013... 5 years ago!

I'd state the rhetorical 'What happened?!?" question here, except I know what happened. After my fifth failure on the CCIE R&S lab exam I withdrew from blogging, Twitter, and the wider networking community in general.

I just hit a wall.

I've thought often about resurrecting this blog, but never followed through. I enjoyed publishing little bits of knowledge while I was chasing the CCIE, and I enjoyed the community that came along with being being a blogger. But yet I just never was able to find the motivation to actually start publishing again.

So, here am I now, sitting in MCO after my first time attending #CLUS feeling re-energized and re-engaged with networking technology and back to again thinking about actually putting some effort into this dilapidated corner of the Internet. 

Let's see if I actually follow through.