Sunday, April 1, 2012

The New (Old?) CCIE R&S Lab Blueprint

So I'm hanging out in #cciestudy on (yes, you should come on by and get nerdy with us!) and the discussion turned to whether dot1q tunneling was on the blueprint.  I whipped out the printed copy I have on my desk and sure as heck, there is was: item 1.2.36.  However, it would appear that there is an "updated" version of the blueprint on Cisco's website that not only doesn't explicitly have dot1q tunneling on it, but it's 4 pages shorter than the copy I have!

Here's what is on Cisco's site right now:

The weird thing is this "new" version is dated 2009.

And here is the copy I have been working from for some time now:

This "old" version is dated 2010 and is a full 4 pages longer.

Now I realize it's just a blueprint, but WTF Cisco?  You don't have to be so brief about the exam topics.  It's hard enough, at least let people know what they should be studying.