Sunday, April 1, 2012

The New (Old?) CCIE R&S Lab Blueprint

So I'm hanging out in #cciestudy on (yes, you should come on by and get nerdy with us!) and the discussion turned to whether dot1q tunneling was on the blueprint.  I whipped out the printed copy I have on my desk and sure as heck, there is was: item 1.2.36.  However, it would appear that there is an "updated" version of the blueprint on Cisco's website that not only doesn't explicitly have dot1q tunneling on it, but it's 4 pages shorter than the copy I have!

Here's what is on Cisco's site right now:

The weird thing is this "new" version is dated 2009.

And here is the copy I have been working from for some time now:

This "old" version is dated 2010 and is a full 4 pages longer.

Now I realize it's just a blueprint, but WTF Cisco?  You don't have to be so brief about the exam topics.  It's hard enough, at least let people know what they should be studying.


  1. Thankfully QinQ is a piece of cake :)

  2. But oer is one small hidden portion of the blueprint =(