Thursday, November 4, 2010

Me and IPexpert

I got a package in the mail today...

Along with a hard drive full of video and audio lessons, and a butt load of rack time, I'm starting to think I have enough stuff to start at this.

The beer did not come with the books.


  1. Hello,

    with purchasing the printed books, did you get the pdf's in the usb hdd as well?

  2. Hi. Yes, you do get everything in electronic form (PDF) and the HDD with all the videos as well. All in all it's quite a lot of material.

  3. Thanks for quick response. I think i did not see this mentioned on their site- only that you get a hdd with video and audio lessons, nothing about pdf's.

    Good luck in your CCIE journey.

    P.S. Where is RSS? i want to sign up :)

  4. No problem, and thank you.

    I added some "Subscribe To" buttons on the right there that should work for RSS. If they don't let me know.

  5. Nice, rss works. Thanks.