Friday, September 9, 2011

Interesting Colubris Hack

I got sent out on a hands and feet job today as a favour to another company who we have a customer in common with. I guess these guys have seen this before... The Colubris routers apparently sometimes incur a power supply failure that you can work around by connecting a regular pc power supply in its place. I thought this was pretty clever so I'm posting a picture.


  1. Hi I alos think that its an Interesting Colubris Hack. Actually I want to get a good carrier in networking. So I am here to know about the internetwork expert.

  2. On 12SEP01 (day after the attacks) the bank I was outsourced to experienced a PSU failure on their ATM router (not ATM as in "frame Relay"... ATM as in "cash machine"). They had warranty on the PSU, but there was no way to claim said warranty, as all air traffic was grounded (and thus, all courier services). I kludged together something very similar after a trip home to grab my RC toolbox (to grab my strippers and soldering station), stole a PSU out of a brand-new Dell (not even bothering to ask- the headshed of the bank was losing their collective minds over this- apparently it loses a lot of money for them on the front end, and incurs fees and fines on the back end.. .so I was in "Fix it, get the mission DONE!" mode)

    They loved me, needless to say.